Power Electronics Textbook

The Korean electronics giant also showed a TV that can rotate vertically, all the better to watch content intended for.

It supplements GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, which was published in 2012.This new book emphasizes use of enhancement mode GaN, called eGaN power transistors, for dc-dc power.

Animated books help children learn better: Study – The rise of digital platforms, like electronic books, computers, smartphones and tablets.

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Basic Electronics Theory and Practice is a new book.

for the companion disc with 18 video tutorials on currents, soldering, power supply, resistors, decoder circuits, etc. This book is published by.

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces that it has produced a new book that enables more informed decision.

The methodology he developed is widely utilized among nuclear power.

The book says that solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs.

Examples of mobile/portable applications are power for consumer electronic devices, battery charging, remote power and low-level auxiliary power.

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Of particular interest to power electronic engineers is Part 1 on Power Management.

Following are the sections of the book.